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21 April, 2011

#191 doodles.

#191 doodles.

A while ago, I went to a long meeting at work that was held at Homerton college (who had some rooms we used for it.) - The meeting came with a table and a notepad and little need to write anything. This is what I produced during the meeting while not really paying attention to the paper.
I think this is an interesting example of how my brain works compared to other people. The person to my left also produced a doodle. He crossed out "ton" in "homerton college" and scribbled "sexual" in its place.


26 July, 2011
Posted by ahdok

I'm moving over to comicpress as my system to upload comics. The layout is a bit nicer, and it's actually possible to centre the comic image. Also there's a commenting system for those people who want to make horrible jokes about my horrible jokes. Head on over and give it a look!

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