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29 September, 2008
Update Schedule.
Posted by ahdok

S+P currently updates when I get time to do one, no schedule. Feel free to, y'know, take part.

In other news, there will be a new run of the S+P game over Christmas, one month creation time, one round, and a prize for the winner. I'll put the rules up soon. (Remind me if I don't.)

10 August, 2008
A slack period.
Posted by ahdok

Sorry I've been updating so little recently. I've kind of moved house, and my whiteboards/scanner/post-processing PC are in the other one. I'll get some new comics up starting next week, don't you worry.

In the mean time, Piccolo's Diary has been updating regularly. Mostly this one has been updating because I can transport art that's on paper without destroying it in the process.

5 August, 2008
Added S+P to several online comic lists.
Posted by ahdok

I've added S+P to several online comic lists, for example, - if you found me through one of these, let me know!

20 June, 2008
RSS & Livejournal
Posted by aquarion


By popular demand, S&P is now syndicated on Livejournal (Add SocksandPuppets as a friend) and also has an RSS feed you can subscribe to.

You can start the dance now

-- SiteAdmin Aquarion

19 June, 2008
Socks and Puppets chat.
Posted by ahdok

I am always looking for feedback, and you can do this by emailing me (my email is at the bottom of every page.) However, if you want to chat directly, there's now a socks and puppets irc channel. You can find it by pointing your irc at and joining #socksandpuppets

See you there!

17 June, 2008
What happened?
Posted by ahdok

I think this pretty much says it all... apart from... who's linking to me? I have no idea - google will tell me that all these new hits came from "referring sites" but not whose sites they are.

20 April, 2008
Okay, Okay.
Posted by ahdok

On second thoughts, this comic updates Monday Wednesday and Friday.

7 April, 2008
New update schedule.
Posted by ahdok

So, the comic is updating Mondays and Fridays at the moment. If I get lots of encouragement, I might do more. Maaaaybe.

12 February, 2008
Come and have a go! (if you think you're art enough.)
Posted by ahdok

Making these things is pretty fun. If you feel like having a go, just draw out your picture on a whiteboard and send me a picture. If you bump into me, I might have tools on me for you to have a go too. I've got a seperate page for your submissions, so get going!

1 February, 2008
Better layout through chemistry.
Posted by ahdok

Okay, seriously guys. Aquarion is a god among men. This is why the website layout no longer sucks. We are now approaching some kind of functional website!

Next order of business, minor aesthetic tweaks, and thinking of a decent name for this. Open to suggestions!

31 January, 2008
PhP woes.
Posted by ahdok

So, the site is currently going through some attempts to understand PHP. Basically, so far as I can tell, it is made out of stupid.

It might look funky for a few days, but should still be navigatable... I hope.

21 January, 2008
Posted by ahdok

Well, thanks to btPHP, I seem to have a system to auto-update comics with minimal effort, and that means... there is a website!

Please pass this on to all your friends, and give feedback! this is all very new, so I need to know how things are going. Feedback should go to if you don't have a way of talking to me directly.

First order of business now is to fiddle with these templates, so the website layout doesn't suck so much.


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