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26 July, 2011
Posted by ahdok

I'm moving over to comicpress as my system to upload comics. The layout is a bit nicer, and it's actually possible to centre the comic image. Also there's a commenting system for those people who want to make horrible jokes about my horrible jokes. Head on over and give it a look!

10 April, 2011
New update schedule
Posted by ahdok

After some feedback about the update schedule, I'm moving to regular updates on Monday ad Thursday, rather than once every three days.

3 February, 2011
Feedback and general updates
Posted by ahdok

I'm looking for general feedback about the comic. How do you think it's going this year? Does it need to update more often? which of the strips do you like best, which do you think are just tedious? - I'm especially interested in feedback if you don't normally give feedback.

I'm still looking for help with comicpress, although I doubt any of my readers use the thing.

I am planning on doing APM again this year, but it can't happen unless I get enough suggestions! I don't have enough suggestions yet. Think of it as getting a free sketch :D Here

The Socks and Puppets Game is currently open for signups. Please spread the word, and join in! Here

21 January, 2011
Posted by ahdok

I'm looking for someone who's familliar with comicpress to help me set up a new template for the comic, if you're familliar with the thing, please grab me and have a chat about it. I find the comicpress interface rather intimidating, and most of the options don't seem to do anything visible, so it's difficult to get it working how I want it to.

So, if you know how to build a page with comicpress, give me a bell.


13 January, 2011
update schedule and general news.
Posted by ahdok

We're currently updating every 3rd day, with occasional bonus stuff between.

I'm taking suggestions for APM2. Also, there will be another Game in April. At time of update, I have 1 APM suggestion and 3SPG players. (There are, of course, only 31 APM suggestion spaces available.)

5 November, 2010
Posted by ahdok

S&P will return in 2011. Please send in suggestions for comics.

1 November, 2009
New updates.
Posted by ahdok

I've decided to give this project the kiss of life, at least briefly. Expect regular updates at least once a week.

1 July, 2009
Socks and Puppets game now running.
Posted by ahdok

If you wanted to take part in S&P, sadly the game is now underway. You can still email me to register interest though. I'll hold your address on file, and remind you the next time a game comes around.

29 May, 2009
S+P the game open for entry.
Posted by ahdok

Hello all! now is the time to sign up for socks and puppets, and show your creative talents. Information about the game can be found here - spread the word! In other news. btPHP sucks.

9 March, 2009
Posted by ahdok

While I still have a large "ideas folder" on my desk for strips to publish, I've recently not felt very inclined to make any of them (hence why updates are so slow.) - however, if you have an idea for something you'd like to see on this comic, I'm always open to suggestions. My creative impulses seem to get stronger the more people I involve. Just email me at

11 January, 2009
Back in action
Posted by ahdok

Happy 2009!

22 December, 2008
Posted by ahdok

Christmas Hiatus:

I am visiting my parents over the christmas period, so there is no way I can update S&P with new images.

I'll put a few random bonus images up over the christmas period, things I have lying around in my webspace.

8 December, 2008
hit counting.
Posted by ahdok

I started counting site visitors in May where this site got about 5 visitors a day (myself included) - shortly after I added the RSS feed, meaning that several of the regulars stopped even visiting the site.

As of today, (since May,) the site has had 5000 visits from over 2200 different IP addresses, and more than 15k pageviews. In general the visitors range between 20 and 50 each day, and there are about twenty people signed up to the RSS feed. 73% of visitors use firefox, and somebody views this site with a browser called "seamonkey"

If you can believe google, that is.

30 November, 2008
S&P game running.
Posted by ahdok

The socks and puppets game is currently running, you can find reports at This page

A few people have expressed interest since the game started running. If I get enough interest to form a second group of players, I'll set them up to play.

14 October, 2008
S+P game open for signups.
Posted by ahdok

The socks and puppets game is open for signups! (This will be a UK based game, one round, running from 25th November until Christmas.) - the top page for the game is at You've still got a while to sign up!


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